Regular Sex vs Exotic Sex

What do you call exotic sex? The term exotic sex seems to have sneaked into our everyday language without us not even looking, and although a lot of people use it, I am not sure they know what it means. Am I sure what it means? If you asked the girls at London escorts, you would probably get a lot of different explanations, and I think that most of the girls at London escorts would have their own idea of exotic sex.

So, what is exotic sex? From what I understand, it could mean anything from a quick shag on top of the washing machine to a threesome. I asked one of the girls that I have worked with for a long time at London escorts what her idea of exotic sex was, and she said that she thought that group sex was kind of exotic. Is it? There are now so many swingers clubs and sex parties in London that group sex to me seems to be the norm, and I would have a hard time calling it something exotic. I know a few London escorts who go to sex parties on a regular basis and do not make a big deal out of it at all.

Can you call BDSM exotic sex? A couple of years ago, we did not have many London escorts who were into BDSM, but now you can almost count on every London escorts agency to have a BDSM specialist or Dominatrix. Maybe BDSM and Domination are not so exotic after all. I think that most girls who work for a London escorts would actually think that BDSM and Domination are pretty much run of the mill dating styles thanks to their increased popularity.

What about role play dates? Role play dates are nothing new to most London escorts, yet you get a lot of London escorts agencies making a big deal out of the popular dating style. I am not personally involved with role play dates, but I do know many escorts in London who have made role play dates into their speciality. They don’t think role play is a big deal, and I really don’t think so neither. It would certainly not be the kind of thing that I call exotic. That just goes to prove when you have a lot of different pleasures available to you, you may not see any of them exotic. At least that is what works for me, and I am pretty sure that most other people may not think of their own personal pleasure as something exotic.

It is actually rather hard to put your finger on what is an exotic activity these days. We seem to have become a lot more open minded about sex in general, and our sex life are now more diverse than ever. I am not sure what I would call exotic sex. Instead of worrying about that, I focus on what I like “pleasures that pleases me”. I can’t say that I have sex on the brain all of the time, bit like most London escorts, it would be fair to say that I enjoy sex. Some girls like a bit of BDSM or roleplay, but personally I can’t live without a threesome every so often. It is just one of those little pleasures that pleases me. What is your personal pleasure?

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