London escorts always shows respect and kindness.

I do not have power over my children anymore. They are already adults; time flies so fast. It’s like seems like it was just yesterday when I held them in my arms. Now both of my children are independent, and I rarely see them. They have been my world for such a long time, and now that they do not need me anymore I feel very weird. I don’t feel happy at all. In the past even if I worked so hard to provide them with what they need, I still do not mind it after I see their happy faces. Now I am living alone in an empty house. My kids had already left me to build their own families. It’s sad because my wife passed away very quickly. Or family consisted only of three members. When their mom died, I suffer from depression. Her lost was too big for me to handle. Several kids depend on me, and I just failed them all at that time. But no one can blame my behavior. I love my wife so sorry, her loss was the biggest of my life. Her death was very unexpected and untimely. I had to mourn her for over a year, after that I finally recovered. Her lost was the saddest thing that ever happens to me. I can’t even look another woman in the eyes because I always remember her face. Thankfully there were London escorts. London escorts are the one who took care of me when my wife died in a horrible accident. London escorts had me at my worst, but they still did not have a problem with it at all. They help me gather all my strength to support my family out. It’s not too late for me at all they made me see that I still have many reasons to live like my children. Forgetting about them is not right. Even though my wife passed away, there is no excuse to ignore my beloved children. Luckily for me, they were very strong. They did not get mad at me when I took them for granted. They understood why I am acting that way. They are the ones who are the heroes, not me. They supported me when their mother passed away. They had to grow up very fast because of the trials we had together, but in the end, we all got through it. Not we are all stable. We came across the most horrible phase of our lives. We can finally relax and know that no matter what nay come we always can overcome it by sticking together. I do not mind that I’m alone because I have great kids that would help me out every time.

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